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Statements by the Government Spokesman - Greek Cypriot Properties
2005-05-09 14:17:52

Nicosia, May 6 -- The Government Spokesman Mr Kypros Chrysostomides made on Friday the following statement: “Concerning the visit of Mrs Kennedy and the meeting she had with the President of the Republic yesterday, I would like to say that the President of the Republic pressed most emphatically with the issue of the illegal exploitation of Greek Cypriot properties.

He indicated that this tactic which seems to have the approval of the allegedly ‘flexible’ Mr Talat proves that he is not sincere in his intentions for seeking a solution to the Cyprus problem, on the contrary it seems that he is seeking to create new faits accomplis with unaccountable repercussions. Mr Talat maintains that the property issue is a political issue.

This, however, is the repeated argument used by the Turkish side before international courts which has been refuted by the European Court of Human Rights in both the Loizidou and the Xenides-Aresti cases and in the Interstate Applications of Cyprus against Turkey. Some of the usurpers (building constructors), some foreigners say that they rely, in their effort to build on Greek Cypriot property, on the Annan Plan.

I would like to stress, however, that in the last decision of the ECHR in the case of Xenides-Aresti, the Court clearly stated that the fact that the Annan Plan has been rejected does not mean that the continuing violations of human rights and especially the right to property has been affected in any way.

Even if the Plan was adopted, it would not mean the immediate termination of these violations, especially the violation of the property right. I reiterate, therefore, that each citizen has the right to vindicate and protect his rights”.

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