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Government Spokesman says government works quietly, persistently for results
2005-05-11 12:19:17

Nicosia, May 11 -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has underscored the need to prepare very well any fresh attempt to solve the question of Cyprus, noting that an effort should be made to ensure a successful outcome.

The spokesman would not disclose any details about preliminary consultations for a new round of talks, which according to press reports are due to begin in New York next week.

''We are ready to begin tomorrow a new round of negotiations, if there is the appropriate preparation for the talks. We have been in touch with the UN on the matter to achieve this objective,'' he told his daily briefing.

Responding to questions, he said ''the Annan plan (a UN-proposed solution plan) is the basis for the negotiations, as the National Council has decided. If there is any change on this, the Council will deal with the matter.''

Responding to questions, he said he had nothing to add to reports that Ambassador Tasos Tzionis, Director of the President's Diplomatic Office, would be dispatched to the UN seat for consultations.

''When there is something to announce, we shall do so accordingly,'' he added, pointing out that Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos is not in the habit of publicising his moves before they yield results.

''What we are aiming at is to get results and not to make a public show. A new failure would be particularly harmful,'' he noted.

Asked if the start of accession talks between Turkey and the European Union is a landmark date for a solution, Chrysostomides said ''not for us, for Turkey I believe it is. We have often stressed the need to prepare the talks properly, to avoid tight deadlines, to avert arbitration and to take an agreed negotiated settlement to the people for a vote.''

Following press reports about the start of consultations to prepare the talks, Greek Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis said they will begin in the next few days.

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