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Greek FM Spokesman: Greek and Cypriot views on Cyprus talks coincide
2005-05-12 13:46:59

by Christa Nicolaou

Athens, May 12 (CNA)-- Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesman George Koumoutsakos has said Athens' position on the recommencement of UN-led talks for a Cyprus settlement coincides with the Cyprus government's views.

Koumoutsakos said that the forthcoming visit to the UN by a representative of Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos for talks with the UN Secretariat creates ''new movement.''

''These meetings are made within the philosophy that every negotiating process aiming at finding a solution should be very well prepared so that we will not have another failure,'' Koumoutsakos said, adding that the visit of Papadopoulos' envoy will be paid in this framework.

Koumoutsakos denied that there was an ambiguity regarding information that Papadopoulos would send an envoy to the UN, as was announced by Greek Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis in Bucharest last Tuesday, prior to any announcement by the Cypriot government.

Reiterating that the communication between Athens and Cyprus is constant, Koumoutsakos noted ''therefore there should be no reason for this ambiguity.''

He also recalled that a UN spokesman announced that Papadopoulos would send an envoy.

Replying to a question whether the UN Secretariat will have such contacts also with the Turkish Cypriot side, Koumoutsakos said that there is no such information.

Replying to a question, Koumoutsakos reiterated that any future negotiating process should not include tight timeframes.

Koumoutsakos also said that Nicosia and Athens want a viable, functional solution in accordance with UN resolutions and the acquis communautaire.

''We pursue the reunification of the island on the basis of this settlement and through negotiations on the basis of the Annan plan,'' he added.

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