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Cypriot President signs CoE conventions in Warsaw
2005-05-16 13:48:03

by Rebekah Gregoriades

Warsaw, May 16 (CNA) -- Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos signed today in Warsaw three conventions on the prevention of terrorism, the trafficking of human beings and money laundering, in the framework of the Third Summit of the Council of Europe.

The Cypriot President arrived in Warsaw late last night for the Summit, which began today in the Polish capital, with the participation of heads of state and government of the 46 member states, including Cyprus, as well as five observers and three organisations with a special guest status.

The convention on the prevention of terrorism aims at enhancing ''the efforts of parties in preventing terrorism and its negative effects on the full enjoyment of human rights, in particular the right to life, both by measures to be taken at national level and through international cooperation, with due regard to the existing applicable multilateral or bilateral treaties or agreements between the parties.''

According to the convention, parties shall ''assist and support each other with a view to enhancing their capacity to prevent the commission of terrorist offences, including through exchange of information and best practices, as well as through training and other joint efforts of a preventive character.''

The convention on action against the trafficking of human beings aims at preventing and combating trafficking in human beings while guaranteeing gender equality, protecting the human rights of the victims of trafficking, designing a comprehensive framework for the protection and assistance of victims and witnesses while guaranteeing gender equality, ensuring effective investigation and prosecution, and promoting international cooperation on action against trafficking in human beings.

Furthermore, the convention on money laundering deals with the laundering, search, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds from crime and on the financing of terrorism lists a series of measures to be implemented by each party in this direction.

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