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Cyprus Government: Efforts to resume talks are continuous
2005-05-20 13:43:22

Nicosia, May 20 (CNA) -- The effort of the Greek Cypriot side for the right preparation for the resumption of negotiations is continuous, pledged here Friday Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides.

He noted that if the UN believes that further deliberations should take place during the expected forthcoming visit of UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Sir Kieran Prendergast to Cyprus then this will also happen.

Asked if Prendergast's meeting in New York with the Cypriot President's emissary to New York Tasos Tzionis will be concluded today, or will continue, Chrysostomides said that ''this will depend from today's meeting”.

Invited to comment a statement by a State Department spokesman, who expressed hope that the Greek Cypriots will respond to the UN Secretary General's demand to give their concerns about the Annan plan clearly and definitely and whether this statement shows any reluctance or distrust towards the Greek Cypriot side, the Spokesman said he did not want to interpret the statement in such a manner.

''I just want to say that there seems to be a change on one hand, as regards their insistence to submit proposals in writing, and on the other hand on the issue of whether there will be deliberations, this depends on the Secretary General, whose involvement we seek in proceedings to resume the negotiations,'' he added.

He added that it is not rational or desirable to submit our negotiation positions.

Asked if Tzionis is authorized to take decisions while in New York, Chrysostomides said that in his view there is no issue of taking decisions during these deliberations.

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