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Karamanlis and Bush discuss Cyprus issue in Washington
2005-05-23 16:38:29

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

Washington, May 21 (CNA) --- Greece remains committed in finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, based on the UN Annan plan, the UN Security Council resolutions and the European standards and principles, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has stressed after a meeting with US President George Bush in the White House.

Referring to the discussion about Cyprus, a US official told reporters after the meeting, that the US has expressed its willingness for the resumption of the peace process and added that during the meeting some ideas have been discussed regarding the commencement of the process.

''On Cyprus, the Greek Government is steadfast in its commitment in finding a just and viable solution for the reunification of the island, on the basis of the Annan plan, the Security Council Resolutions and a solution corresponding with the European standards and principals. What we need is to move forward with steady and cautious steps”, Karamanlis told the press after the meeting with Bush yesterday.

Karamanlis said that the meeting was held ''in an excellent climate'' and they also raised the EU - Turkey relations, their cooperation in the Balkans and the area, as well as the issue of Skopje.

Regarding Turkey, Karamanlis said that Greece has supported the country's European aspirations and is working for the full normalization of the Greco - Turkish relations. He stressed ''this should reflect as well on the behavior or the military activities of Turkey''.

''We reaffirmed our willingness to promote and deepen our relations and our cooperation in matters of mutual concern'', Karamanlis said, noting that ''we agree in all major issues and we will not let minor ones bother us''.

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