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Greece wins the Eurovision Song Contest, Cyprus ranks 18th
2005-05-23 16:39:47

Nicosia, May 22 (CNA) -- Greece won for the first time the Eurovision Song Contest that took place last night in Kiev, Ukraine, with the song ''My number one'', performed by Helena Paparizou.

Cyprus ranked 18th in the 50th Eurovision Song Contest, with the song ''Ela - Ela, Come baby'' sang by Kostantinos Christoforou. According to the procedure rules, next year Cyprus would have to win its entry to the final during a semifinal contest to be held in Athens.

The Greek song (composer Christos Dantis, lyrics Christos Dantis and Natalia Germanou) was given a total of 230 points, leaving Malta in the second place with 192, Romania third with 158 and Israel fourth with 154 points.

Ten out of the 39 participant countries gave Greece the maximum 12 points (Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, UK, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Serbia - Montenegro, Sweden and Germany).

The Cyprus song received 46 points. Malta and Greece gave Cyprus their maximum 12 points, Bulgaria 10, Albania seven, UK three and Romania and Serbia - Montenegro each one point.

The Cyprus televoting gave one point to Latvia, two points to Moldova, three to Norway, four to Switzerland, five to the UK, six to Malta, seven to Hungary, eigth to Romania, ten to Serbia - Montenegro and 12 to Greece.

After the announcement of the winner song, Cypriots celebrated Greece's victory. In Nicosia they gathered at the Eleftheria Square and celebrated until the early hours. Similar celebrations were held in other towns of Cyprus.

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