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Bicommunal Choir sings in Constantinople
2002-05-16 09:39:43

Nicosia, May 16 (CNA) -- Bicommunal Choir for Peace in Cyprus performed last night in Constantinople (Istanbul). The concert was held as part of the events organised under the title "Meeting for peace in Cyprus" by the Turkish Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP) and Turkish Cypriot Union for Science, Education, Health and Solidarity, "Kibes".

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, members of the choir, performed traditional songs under the direction of Greek Cypriot Lena Melanidou and Turkish Cypriot Caner Ilgar. Among the audience was ODP leader Vahit Cens.|

Some of them said that "impressions from the concert were excellent and that it sent the message that the two communities can contribute to the end of tension and the bridging of differences through arts and culture."

This is the first time artists from both communities perform in Turkey. In 2000 they gave a concert in London.

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