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Cyprus government spends CYŁ 157 m (US$ 345 m) in support of Turkish Cypriots
2005-05-24 13:59:47

Nicosia, May 24 -- The Cyprus government has provided CYŁ 157 m (US$ 345 m) in aid for the Turkish Cypriots between April 2003 and December 2004, according to Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides.

He said that part of this amount has been spent by Greek Cypriots who visit Cyprus' Turkish occupied areas, part of it went on medical treatment of Turkish Cypriots, on salaries of Turkish Cypriots working in the government controlled areas, on social security contributions and on fees of Turkish Cypriot students studying at private schools.

He also said it is estimated that 2,300,000 visits by Greek Cypriots to the occupied areas have taken place between April 2003 and December 2004.

If on average each individual has spent ten pounds per visit, then some CYŁ 25 m (US$ 55 m) has been spent in the north, he explained.

On social security contributions, he said that CYŁ 18.8 m (US$ 41 m) was paid in 2003-2004 and approximately 5,000 Turkish Cypriots are working in the free areas of the Republic, who have earned about CYŁ 107.3 m (US$ 236 m).

He said 24,420 Turkish Cypriots have received medical treatment at state hospitals, at an estimated cost of CYŁ 4 m (US$ 8.8 m).

During the same period, the fees paid for Turkish Cypriots students studying at private schools amounted to CYŁ 2.3 m (US$ 5 m).

Moreover, some 50 Turkish Cypriot manufacturers are taking part in the island's premier business exhibition, the International State Fair. This is the first ever post-invasion participation by Turkish Cypriot manufacturers.

(One Cyprus pound is trading at around 2.2 US dollars).

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