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Government forbids permanent construction on Turkish Cypriot property
2005-05-24 14:01:21

Nicosia, May 24 (CNA) -- Since April last year, the Cyprus government has stopped allocating Turkish Cypriot properties in the southern government controlled part of the island for permanent construction, Interior Minister Andreas Christou said here today.

This, he pointed out, in spite of the construction boom in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus in the recent past.

As regards Turkish Cypriots who have properties in the government-controlled areas, the Minister said the Republic respects their property right.

Speaking at a press conference on the work of the Ministry from 2003 until now, he said that according to available data for the period 23/04/2003 to the beginning of March 2005, 63,000 birth certificates, 57,300 identity cards and 32,200 passports were issued for Turkish Cypriot citizens of the Republic.

Christou said that soon enough all Turkish Cypriots will hold documents of the Cyprus Republic, something he described as an important development in political and practical terms.

Asked about the cases of Turkish Cypriots who have asked for the return of their property, the Interior minister said that there are 65 such requests and only ten of them are before the courts.

''Most of the Turkish Cypriot owners do not demand the return of their property which is used by refugees, but instead they are pleased to have another house or a plot of land we give them. However, ten law suits have been filed,'' he said.

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