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New party announced
2005-05-25 14:08:31

Nicosia, May 25 (CNA) -- Two parliamentary parties and an independent MP announced here today they are joining forces to form a new party, which will hold its inaugural congress in early July to elect its leadership.

The announcement was made at a joint press conference of the European Democracy party of Prodromos Prodromou, the New Horizons party of Nicos Koutsou and independent parliamentarian Demetris Sillouris.

''The new party will be in the opposition, we come from the opposition, however we support the overall positions of President Papadopoulos on the question of Cyprus, exercising constructive criticism,'' Prodromos said.

Koutsou said the beginning of the new party will leave its seal on the political scene on the island and stressed that its primary objective is to promote a European solution in Cyprus, following the rejection of a UN proposed plan.

''I am sure that we shall all move ahead to form a party that will be deeply rooted in the people's conscience,'' he added.

MP Rikos Erotokritou, of the European Democracy party, appealed to all citizens to join forces to create a modern society, a state characterized by social justice and a political settlement with a European dimension.

''There is room in this new party for people who ready to work for this vision with us and we assure them that we shall support them in achieving this goal,'' he added.

Silouris said the new party would meet the demands and expectations of the Cypriot society, shaping a new relationship between citizen and the state, the citizen and the party and reforms within a state.

''We shall support a correct political settlement and through our own proposals Cyprus will be able to make the most of its EU accession,'' he concluded.

The two parties and Silouris aligned themselves with the ruling Democratic Party (DIKO) in their opposition to the UN solution plan (the Annan plan), which was rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Greek Cypriots.

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