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Papadopoulos: full respect for French vote on EU Constitution
2005-05-31 13:42:54

Nicosia, May 30 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said here today that the government respects fully the outcome of Sunday's vote in France on the European Constitution.

He said the government will consult with its partners on the fallout of the French ''no'' and see what steps must be taken.

''The government of the Republic of Cyprus respects fully the democratic decision of the French people. We express hope that this development will not delay steps towards European integration,'' the statement said.

The government of the Republic will examine with its other partners the consequences of the outcome of the French vote and the steps that need to be taken, it concluded.

The French people rejected the European Constitution, with 55 per cent voting against it.

Cyprus, that joined the European Union on May 1 last year, will hold a discussion and vote on the Constitution in Parliament at the end of June.

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