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Cyprus supports EU decision on Turkey's talks
2005-05-31 14:06:41

Nicosia, May 30 (CNA) -- Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today that the government continued to support the decision taken by the European Council in December 2004 regarding the opening of EU accession negotiations with Turkey.

Commenting on yesterday's rejection of the European Constitution by the people of France and any possible repercussions on the Cyprus problem, Chrysostomides said it was uncertain whether the French dismissal would affect Turkey's EU course, adding that the EU's decision was to commence membership talks with Ankara on October 3.

''No one can be sure how things will evolve,'' he said, noting that one must consider on what might happen if there are consequences on Turkey's EU course.

He said if Turkey's course was affected, then one should see what would have happened if the Greek Cypriot community had accepted a UN-proposed plan for a Cyprus settlement, noting that this was ''food for thought.''

Replying to questions, Chrysostomides reiterated that there EU member states had decided to commence accession negotiations with Turkey on October 3 and that this decision had not been altered.

Responding to other questions, the Spokesman said it was uncertain whether Turkey would stiffen its stance if its accession course were adversely affected.

''We must consider what development may arise in the case that there is an obstacle in commencing negotiations. All possibilities are being examined and the whole course depends on the developments. Our position is that of the December Council,'' he said.

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