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Cypriot Spokesman says all should respect rules of conduct
2005-06-01 14:58:23

Nicosia, Jun 1 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides pointed out today that everyone should respect the rules of international conduct and reiterated that visits to the areas of Cyprus under Turkish occupation, such as the one by US congressmen, contravene international law and UN Security Council decisions.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, the Spokesman said these visits also went against Cyprus' internal law, which foreigners, either residing or visiting the island, should respect, in compliance with international treaties.

Commenting on remarks by US State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher that there was no illegality in the US congressmen's visit, Chrysostomides said international treaties incorporated in US law have been violated.

The US congressmen arrived earlier this week, in the areas of Cyprus under Turkish occupation since the 1974 invasion of the island, on a flight that landed at an airport declared by the government as illegal.

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