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A unique collection of prints by Goya are on display in Nicosia
2005-06-01 15:45:18

The Caprichos exhibition opened last Wednesday at Nicosia’s Levention Museum and is on display until June 30.

A Cyprus Mail report said: "It deals just with engravings and, as such, could be happily omitted from your week-end art viewing if you are not a print lover but the works are by Francisco de Goya, they are originals and they are shown in a completely innovative way that has not been tried anywhere else. In short, the show is a must, even if you hate prints."

"The name given to the series used to be a common word in the Spanish language of the late eighteenth century and referred to things of imagination, spontaneity and creativity, bound by no restrictions. As such it is actually an appropriate description of this collection full of satirising prints, punchy and enigmatic, full of ugly goblins, monsters, and witches."

"People often quote Nietszche in connection with the Caprichos and sayings such as “he who fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster” or “when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you” definitely come to mind whle walking through the Leventis."

"Goya produced 80 Caprichos engravings between 1797 and 1799 after a long and heavy illness that left him completely deaf. Many historians say that it was actually this deafness that caused him to change his approach to life and become more critical of the world."

"The 18 original prints of the series, regarded by many as the beginning of modern art, has been brought to Cyprus by the Spanish Embassy from Madrid’s Calcografia Nacional. They are accompanied by 20 digital images of their details and also by numerous notes and comments on the subject left both by the artist and his contemporaries. It is the first time that both the originals and the digital prints are being presented together."

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