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Cyprus President: Too early to talk about a new process on Cyprus
2005-06-06 14:18:40

Paphos, Jun 6 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has said it was too early and uncertain to talk about the beginning of a new process to solve the Cyprus problem and for the conditions under which this procedure will take place.

Papadopoulos said ''our hope is Turkey to realize that the pending situation as regards Cyprus does not serve anyone nor its own interests, the Turkish Cypriots or the Greek Cypriots''.

He noted that the Turkish side should recognize that it has secured more with the Annan plan than what he had the right to take and more than it needs and so ''they have to accept substantive changes in order to be able to begin a new procedure,'' adding that he has already told these things to Turkish Premier Recep Tayiip Erdogan.

Papadopoulos said his primary concern was to reach the soonest a functional and viable settlement of the Cyprus question, which will result the reunification of Cyprus, the real reunification of its geographical area, society, economy and institutions.

He assured that his is working every day for the creation of preconditions for the resumption of a substantive dialogue, under the UN aegis, that will provide rational hope for an agreed settlement that will be approved by the people, without technical timetables, endless and unfruitful negotiations, without arbitrations and impositions by the foreigners.

''Quietly, consistently and with the right planning and strategy, we have promoted the interest of the UN to look into the possibilities for the resumption of a new initiative. To that end we had useful and intensive talks in New York and this week in Cyprus. It is very premature and uncertain to talk about the beginning of a new process and for the conditions under which it will take place. The future will show,'' he added.

Replying to a question Papadopoulos said that everyone except Turkey, one of its strongest allies and some circles in Cyprus have not been and will not be convinced ''of the sincere effort we make to create the preconditions for talks.''

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