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Cyprus welcomes CoE Ministers' resolution condemning Turkey
2005-06-08 17:00:20

Nicosia, Jun 9 - The Government of Cyprus has welcomed the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE) to adopt the first Interim Resolution which condemns Turkey.

This concerns the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) of 10 May 2001 in the Fourth Interstate Appeal of Cyprus against Turkey.

According to a press release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Interim Resolution, taken on 7 June at the 928th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, is the first ever to be adopted by the Committee of Ministers’ Deputies in an Interstate case. Its adoption proves the commitment and collective will of European governments to safeguard and defend the rule of law and the effective protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Interim Resolution ResDH (2005) concerning the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 10 May 2001 in the case of Cyprus against Turkey:

1. Invites Turkey to ensure that its contribution to the work of the CMP facilitates the achievement of concrete and convincing results;

2. Considers that, should such results not be achieved in the near future, it will be incumbent on Turkey to take other measures to enable the fate of missing persons to be determined;

3. Calls upon Turkey, in any event, to envisage the necessary further measures so that the effective investigations required by the Court's judgment can be conducted as soon as possible;

4. Invites Turkey to submit all relevant information regarding any screening procedure for schoolbooks, to ensure full secondary education for enclaved Greek Cypriot and Maronite children and to provide a stable and lasting basis for the functioning of the Rizokarpaso school, by legislative or other appropriate means;

5. Invites Turkey to provide details regarding the reasons for the rejection of the latest request by the Cypriot authorities for the appointment of a second priest and regarding the further developments of this issue;

6. Decides to close the examination of the issues relating to military courts;

7. Requests Turkey to intensify its efforts with a view to the full and complete execution of the present judgment,

8. Underlines in particular the urgency of achieving concrete results in respect of effective investigations into the fate of the missing persons,

9. Decides to continue the supervision of progress accomplished until all necessary measures have been taken.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry further notes that the Interim Resolution reaffirms beyond any doubt the decision of the ECHR in Cyprus’ Fourth Interstate Appeal against Turkey, by which Turkey was deemed responsible and accountable for a number of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights in the occupied part of Cyprus since the Turkish military invasion in 1974.

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