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Cyprus represented at OSCE Conference on intolerance
2005-06-09 10:08:21

Nicosia, Jun 9 (CNA) -- The Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, its legislation, government practices, educational system and the overall attitude of the Cypriot society leave little room for the growth of all forms of intolerance, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said, addressing the OSCE Conference on Anti-semitism and on Other Forms of Intolerance, held in Cordoba, Spain.

''I take pride coming from a corner of the world where cultures, religions and civilisations met and continue to meet in a fruitful way. Cyprus was for centuries a place where people of different religions and cultures lived in harmony respecting each otherís traditions and institutions'', Chrysostomides said.

The Government Spokesman, who is representing Cyprus at the Conference, said that Cypriots ''desire beyond ethnic or religious differences with a common allegiance to their common home, to enjoy fully an independent membership in the EU, for the benefit of all its legal inhabitants, liberated from suffocating external controls and away from partition and apartheid''.

''Even after Cyprus has been itself a victim of discrimination on all counts, as established by the European Court of Human Rights, in the recent decades of ongoing occupation of part of our country, religion was never part of the political problem faced by Cyprus'', he said.

''The Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, legislation, government practices, the educational system and the overall attitude of our society leave little room for the growth of phenomena of such intolerance,'' the Cypriot official pointed out.

Chrysostomides noted however that no society is immune and the effort to combat intolerance is never ending and referred to Cyprus' efforts to achieve more progress in the issue.

Referring to the world's situation on the issue of intolerance, he said that it is utterly disappointing in the 21st century to still see phenomena of religious intolerance and discrimination and this despite all world's efforts and international law.

Chrysostomides congratulated the Spanish government for choosing Cordoba as the meeting's venue, saying that it is a ''symbol of fruitful coexistence of great religions, a town that has its mark to mankind''.

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