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Egyptian Minister arrives in Cyprus for official visit
2005-06-09 10:12:33

Larnaca, Jun 9 (CNA) - Cypriot Minister of Communication and Works Charis Thrasou and Egyptian Minister of Transport Essam Sharaf, who arrived today in Cyprus for an official visit at the invitation of Thrasou, will be discussing issues of mutual interest in the road and maritime transport sectors.

Welcoming Sharaf at Larnaca Airport, Thrasou said that Cyprus and Egypt enjoy ''historical, political and above all friendly relations,'' adding they would be discussing ''issues of mutual interest concerning road and maritime transport, port facilities and other matters'' and would be signing a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation.

Sharaf thanked Thrasou for his invitation and said ''it gives me a lot of pleasure to be here since we actually were raised in an environment that we have very distinguished and deep relations between Egypt and Cyprus.''

''Of course we remember the golden era of our two leaders Kemal Abdel Nasser and Makarios and actually we saw after that even deeper relations between our two countries,'' he added.

Sharaf noted that the purpose of his visit was ''to take advantage of these excellent diplomatic and political relations and try to utilise these relations and try to help improve our economic and trade relations.''

''In this regard we are depending on exchanging expertise, especially in maritime and in all aspects of transportation, highways and maybe railways,'' he added.

The Egyptian Minister said his country knows that ''especially in maritime Cyprus is advanced and has a very unique and advanced fleet.''

''So the purpose of my visit is to try to enhance the trade in terms of freight and goods and also in terms of tourist activities because this is again a very important activity that we are looking for,'' he said.

Sharaf is accompanied on his trip by senior Ministry of Transport officials, as well as a team of reporters.

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