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Cypriot official confirms reinforcement of Turkish occupation troops
2005-06-07 15:28:20

Nicosia, Jun 8 - There has been a significant upgrading of the weapons systems of the Turkish occupation troops, according to Acting Government Spokesman Marios Karoyian.

He was commenting on the UN Secretary-Generalís Report to the UN Security-Council which was submitted this week on the renewal of the mandate of UNFICYP. The report noted that there had not been a reinforcement of the troops of occupation and their equipment has remained unchanged.

However, Karoyian said: "There are many ways to upgrade one's equipment without necessarily meaning an increase in the number of Turkish troops. In any case, the information we have and the data we have collected so far, prove, without any doubt, that there has been a significant upgrading in the weapon systems of the occupation troops."

Last week, Cyprus protested to the UN against the upgrading of its military hardware with US-made weapons which had been brought into the occupied north last month.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said last week:

"The authorities of the Republic can confirm that there is activity at Famagusta port these days and weapons systems are being unloaded."

Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and still maintains thousands of troops in the northern part of the island.

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