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Cyprus expects 30,000 tourists from China this year
2005-06-10 12:04:52

Nicosia, June 2005 -- Some 30,000 tourists from China are expected to visit Cyprus this year, according to the island's Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism George Lillikas. According to the World Tourism Organisation, China will be the largest exporter of tourism world wide within the next few years, the Minister also said.

''The market has opened now with China. Contracts have been secured to attract about 30,000 tourists from China this year. It is a very good start if one considers that from the traditional European markets we attract 30,000 to 60,000 tourists. A good start has been made but the potential is much larger,'' Lillikas added.

The Minister said the government has managed to include Cyprus in the official destinations of China and to launch a tripartite tourist programme between Cyprus, Egypt and Greece in order to promote a new unified package from China and other Asian countries.

''We must not depend only on European markets. Sixty percent of arrivals comes from Britain. A financial crisis is Britain could lead to the collapse of the tourist market,'' he added.

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