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Defence Minister:Turkish occupation army continues to upgrade hardware
2005-06-10 12:06:51

Nicosia, Jun 10 (CNA) -- The Turkish military, in occupied Cyprus, continues to upgrade its hardware, something that has been happening over the years, even when peace negotiations were taking place, Cyprus Defence Minister Kyriakos Mavronicolas has said.

He said the Ministry has so far filed three complaints to European Union Defence Ministers and to other fora on this issue.

Speaking during a press conference, Mavronicolas said that the information the Defence Ministry has was substantiated and said he also has the evidence to prove what he is claiming.

''This is information we have secured through various means,'' he added.

According to the Defence Minister the Turkish military has been implementing a major programme since 2000 to replace infantry with motorized units and to modernize tanks and artillery.

''There is also a slight but important increase in the level of the military systems they maintain in the Republic's territory,'' he noted.

He said that the policy of the government is to ''seek information and protest when these things happen.''

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