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Cyprus EU Consumer Centre inaugurated by Commissioner Kyprianou
2005-06-10 14:30:50

Nicosia, Jun 10 (CNA) -- The European Consumer Centre of Cyprus, inaugurated today, will be officially handling all complaints by Cypriot consumers regarding the purchase of products or the provision of services to other member states.

It will also deal with complaints filed by European citizens relating to purchases or services from Cyprus and submitted at European Consumer Centres located in their area of permanent residence. These complaints will be forwarded to the Cyprus Centre for immediate action.

Today EU Commissioner responsible for Health and Consumer Protection Markos Kyprianou officially inaugurated the Cyprus European Consumer Centre.

''I want the internal market to work for consumers as well as it does for businesses. Confident consumers, capable and equipped to make informed choices and able to defend themselves and promote their own interests in increasingly complex markets and contribute to the competitiveness of the EU economy'' the Cypriot Commissioner said.

The European Consumer Centre of Cyprus belongs to a network covering 21 EU member states so far, in addition to non EU members Iceland and Norway.

Kyprianou said the Commission has taken steps at EU level to prevent rogue traders operating in one member state from targeting consumers in another.

He noted that 45% of EU consumers are less confident about buying goods and services from a supplier in another member state than at home. This figure rises to over 90% for cross-border, intra-EU internet shopping.

Cyprus Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism George Lillikas said that the successful and effective promotion of the demands and claims of the European consumers creates feelings of confidence to the European institutions.

The Minister reiterated the government's determination to protect the consumer and said providing sufficient and timely information to consumers was a priority.

''The Cypriot consumer must become more demanding, he must reward those who respect him on issues like quality and price and punish those who seek to exploit him'', he said.

The European Union will assist Cyprus financially, by paying 70% of the total cost of the Centre's needs.

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