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Political parties note need for dialogue on Cyprus problem
2005-06-15 11:42:24

Nicosia, Jun 15 (CNA) - A delegation from the Democratic Party (DIKO) crossed into the Turkish occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus today for the first time, and met with the Turkish Cypriot Democratic Party (DP). Both parties noted the need for the dialogue to continue, in order to reach a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

The two delegations, led by DIKO's Deputy President Nicos Kleanthous and DP President Serdar Denktash, agreed to disagree on certain aspects of the Cyprus problem but affirmed that they would continue the dialogue.

They also exchanged views on the possibility of resuming talks that could contribute towards this direction.

In statements after the meeting, Kleanthous said this was the first because ''we just managed to cross the Green Line without any formalities or showing any documents."

He added that it was a return visit, which he described as ''very fruitful,'' noting that ''we exchanged views regarding the possibility of starting the dialogue and exchanged views about mechanism and procedures that might contribute to this direction.''

''We will continue this dialogue because we believe that we can contribute to not only to the solution'' of the Cyprus problem but can also ''create the proper political climate we need if we want to be successful,'' Kleanthous said.

Denktash said they had a ''fruitful and constructive discussion,'' noting that they ''both used our right to agree not to agree on certain issues.''

''What matters is the dialogue. To promote the dialogue we raised all formalities. We believe that through this dialogue we will be able to understand the needs and fears of the other which will help us to find ways of settling our daily problems first and that will lead us to a comprehensive settlement,'' he added.

Denktash noted that Greek Cypriot political parties ''can come to our side without any formalities at all and this is for all political parties in the Greek side.''

Replying to questions about the Cyprus problem, Denktash said ''it is very important to have no international interference, it is us who will be solving the problem, us who will be living together side by side after the settlement we should understand our needs and fears.''

Referring to the presence of Turkish troops on the island, Denktash said that as long as there is no Cyprus settlement, the troops would remain for the security of the Turkish Cypriot.

A DP delegation had visited the offices of DIKO in Nicosia about a year ago.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

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