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Cypriot House adopts resolution on British Bases
2005-06-30 11:43:13

Nicosia, Jun 30 (CNA) - The Cypriot House of Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution today on the status of the British Bases in Cyprus, pointing out that they must not be used by the British for offensive purposes and calling on Britain to fulfill its financial obligations to the Republic of Cyprus and respect the rights of the Cypriots living within the Bases' areas.

In its resolution, the House ''declares that the United Kingdom has no sovereignty over the territory of the British Bases, even in the context of the Treaty of Establishment, but a commitment to merely use this territory for specific military purposes.''

The adoption of the resolution was preceded by a lengthy debate on the political and legal aspects of the British Bases, which was wrapped up yesterday. The plenary did not proceed immediately to the adoption of the resolution, due to amendments proposed by MPs.

House President Demetris Christofias noted today that the final text of the resolution was altered unanimously during today's meeting of political party leaders or representatives.

The House adopted the resolution, taking in mind ''relevant UN decisions on the abolition of colonialism, as well as the fundamental principles of international law, which forbid the occupation of territory within the domain of any other country.''

It was also taken into account that the British Bases were established in Cyprus according to the Treaty of Establishment and the treaties in force during the period of signing the Treaty.

Taking into consideration the adverse consequences from the operation of the Bases on the human rights and quality of life of the Cypriot citizens residing within the Bases' area, as well as the danger of the Bases becoming involved in aggressive military actions against friendly states in the southeastern Mediterranean, the plenary unanimously adopted the resolution.

Noting the contractual obligations of the United Kingdom to pay a financial fee, including rent, for the facilities provided by the Republic of Cyprus for the operation of the Bases, the House of Representatives argues in its resolution that ''the British Bases cannot be used for offensive purposes, which will lead to the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of independent states and the undermining of international peace and security.''

The House calls on the government of the United Kingdom ''to fulfill its financial obligations towards the Republic of Cyprus, which derive from the Treaty of Establishment.''

It also calls on the government of the Republic of Cyprus ''to investigate every conducive legal means to claim the debt of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Cyprus.''

The House considers that the operation of the Bases could neither violate the rights of Cypriot citizens residing in their areas, nor adversely affect the environment and human health, and thus must comply with international treaties, the law of the Republic of Cyprus and the acquis communautaire.

It also supports ''the final settlement of the issue of the British Bases' presence in the context of international law, including the principle of respect of state sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.''

In its resolution, the House reaffirms its steadfast support to the full demilitarisation of Cyprus and notes that ''it considers the present resolution as a statement of the body's opposition to the inclusion of provisions for the British Bases as they are encompassed in the Constitutional Treaty for Europe.''

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