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Cyprus President's statement on EU Constitution approval
2005-07-01 12:16:38

Nicosia, Jul 1 (CNA) -- I would like to express my deep satisfaction and that of the Government for the adoption by the House of Representatives of the law, which ratifies the European Union Constitutional Treaty, based on the constitutional provisions in force.

I am particularly pleased that this decision was taken following a constructive and an in depth discussion during which all views were heard and the pros and cons of all options were stated.

The Government, recognizing the need for citizens to be aware of the content of the Treaty and participate in a procedure that directly affects their future, embarked on a wide campaign to inform and discuss with citizens an issue that directly concerns and affects society as a whole as well as the Republic of Cyprus.

The Constitutional Treaty is a result of the most enlarged dialogue which has ever taken place in the history of European integration. This creates a legacy which should lead to our future course towards a Europe of social solidarity and progress which should come from its citizens, and be directed towards its citizens.

We hope that this procedure for the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty, which has recently faced serious difficulties, will have an auspicious outcome thus imparting further momentum to European integration and reinforcing the position of the Union, internationally.

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