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Cyprus government denounces illegal settling of occupied areas
2005-07-06 13:58:36

Nicosia, Jul 6 -- The Cyprus government is continuously making representations to international organisations as regards the ongoing illegal settling of Cyprus' Turkish occupied areas, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said, adding that the number of settlers in the occupied areas has increased.

Commenting on stories in the Turkish press saying that thousands of Turkish settlers-workers have left the occupied areas, Chrysostomides said that the press refrains from saying that during the past few days 25-30 thousand Turks from mainland Turkey came to the occupied areas and some of them are receiving ''residence permissions.''

''The 10,000 that have left, if this is the correct number, are expected to return with passports and take residence permissions. This is an additional number of Turks from mainland Turkey to the ones that already live in the occupied areas. The 10,000 who left are additional to the already known number of settlers to occupied areas of Cyprus,'' he noted.

The Spokesman said that the government's representations as regards the illegal exploitation of properties, illegal settling etc are constant, adding that there is no practical way other than these representations to address the situation due to the Turkish occupation.

Asked about the EU role in this issue, he said the EU could not oblige Turkey to implement its regulations, since Turkey was not an EU member state.

''The EU is annoyed by this but what can it do?'' he wondered, noting that ''Turkey is not an EU member state but is responsible for the areas of Cyprus it occupies.''

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