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Cyprus concerned about delegations in occupied areas
2005-07-19 11:33:37

Nicosia, Jul 19 (CNA) -- Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today that the presence of foreign delegations in the Turkish occupied areas of the island to attend events to mark the 31st anniversary of the Turkish invasion, concerns and greatly disturbs the Cypriot government, noting that in the case of ''official'' delegations, representations will be made.

Chrysostomides said ''they are not official missions'' and noted that ''some people appear to be coming privately.''

''It concerns us and disturbs us greatly, it is an illegality, we condemn illegality, these actions contravene international law, are against the decisions of the Security Council,'' he pointed out.

Commenting on Turkish Cypriot press reports that a wall was being constructed in the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia, Chrysostomides said there was no indication that this wall was of the size the Turkish Cypriot dailies made it out to be, noting however that if they were right, then this was a partitionist act.

He added that information from the UN indicates that a wall is being built, which ''does not justify the so-called effort to lift the 'isolation' of the Turkish Cypriots.''

Chrysostomides said that if the newspapers were right in their reports, then ''this is a continuing illegality, which is materialising with further partitionist acts, proving the policy the occupation regime is following.''

He noted that it appears a wall is being erected near an army camp. ''It seems at first glance that this is where it stays but if it will extend for a length of kilometres, then it is actually an expression of a continuing partitionist policy, which is not at all justifiable.''

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