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US State Department: Annan Plan is the hope for Cyprus solution
2005-07-20 14:48:29

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

Washington, Jul 20 (CNA) -- The Annan Plan remains the hope for a solution to the Cyprus problem, US State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli has said.

Invited yesterday to offer any hope for a settlement because of today’s 31st anniversary of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus’ northern third, Ereli replied “the hope for settlement of the Cyprus issue is the Annan plan and we believe that it behooves all parties to engage with renewed commitment and vigor and energy and creativity on the basis of that plan to help resolve this long-standing issue”.

To a question if he considers the Turkish action in Cyprus as an invasion, Ereli said he “did not have anything new to add in terms of our historical comment on the incident”.

Asked if it was an invasion or not, Ereli replied “I'm not going to go back 30 years. I'm going to say what our focus now is and what our view of the future is and that's the Annan plan”.

He said there “is a solution at hand -- there was a solution at hand and, unfortunately, it was rejected. It remains the basis for discussion. It remains a basis for resolution and the United States continues to work actively in support of the plan and with all the parties...".

Asked if a new ambassador to Cyprus will be appointed since Ambassador Michael Klosson has already left the island, Ereli replied “that's a decision the White House is going to make”.

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