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EU and Spanish Presidency grateful to Cyprus
2002-05-22 10:15:16

Larnaca, May 22 (CNA) -- Spanish Ambassador to Cyprus, Ignacio Garcia Valdecasas, said the EU in general and the EU Spanish Presidency in particular were most grateful to the government of the Cyprus Republic for contributing to the settlement of the issue of the 13 Palestinians, brought to the island on May 10, after leaving the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

Speaking to the press after the departure today of 12 of the Palestinians, for their European destinations, Valdecasas said "everything had gone perfectly well" and "everything was very well organised by the Cypriot services, the Cypriot government."|

"The EU in general and the Spanish Presidency in particular are most grateful to the government of the Republic of Cyprus for this quick and generous response at the beginning and for all the help they have been giving us during this week," he said.

Invited to say why one of the Palestinians remained in Cyprus, the Spanish Ambassador said that that was "an extra contribution, and extra help of the Cyprus government."

Asked about the status of the Palestinian, who stayed in Cyprus, Valdecasas said that it is "the same as the others that are in the European Union member countries."

Invited to refer to any arrangement being made for the Palestinians' families the Spanish diplomat said that "it is something that we will settle at a later stage."

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