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Overseas Cypriots committed to continue struggle for justice in Cyprus
2005-07-21 10:51:49

Nicosia, Jul 21 (CNA) -- Overseas Cypriots underline their commitment to continue together with the government of Cyprus the struggle for justice and freedom in Cyprus, in a message on the occassion of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, 31 years ago.

President of the Coordinating Committee - Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA) Philip Christopher notes in his message that the Cyprus problem can be solved only when the people of Cyprus is really reunited and adds that the Cyprus people for 31 years now is has ''waged a war against ethnic cleansing, against unspeakable human rights violations, against the affluent Turkish lobby, against propaganda, lies and misconceptions''.

Christopher notes that 31 years after the Turkish invasion a lot have changed since Cyprus entered the European Union as a full member state and Greek Cypriots have rejected an unjust solution plan.

''The people of Cyprus stood strong when faced with the misunderstanding of many who thought the no vote to the plan was a no to a just solution. And today, 31 years later, we are still fighting for freedom for the people of Cyprus'', he stresses.

He also states that the partial lifting of the restrictions of free movement of people can not be seen as a good will gesture by the Turkish Cypriot pseudostate, since the occupation regime forces Greek Cypriots to present their passports to enter the occupied areas to see their homes.

''We, the overseas Cypriots, will continue to support the Cyprus Government in its struggle for justice, freedom and human rights for the Cypriot people'', PSEKA reassures.

The PSEKA President also expresses his gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly through the years and ''endeavored to facilitate a just solution to this inhumane, 31-year-old tragedy'' and urges them to keep fighting so that freedom and justice will come to Cyprus.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third.

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