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Cyprus President: We aim at new chapter in relations with Britain
2005-07-25 15:33:21

by Kyriakos Tsioupras

London, Jul 25 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said his visit to Britain and his talks on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Tony Blair aim at opening a new chapter in the two countries’ relations and to restore their traditional relations.

Speaking here this afternoon after being received at the Archbishopric of Thiatiron and Great Britain by Archbishop Gregorios, Papadopoulos said that ''we look forward to a more understanding of our positions and a more just and objective consideration of our pursuits by Britain”.

He said he was optimistic that there is a new climate now, as Britain currently holds the EU rotating presidency.

The Cypriot President expressed hope that the British policy will change on various points as regards Cyprus. He referred to the divisive policy of Britain since the first years of Cyprus independence and noted that conditions are different now, since Cyprus is an equal EU member state.

Papadopoulos praised the important role of Cypriots living in Britain as regards Cyprus, noting that this role applies to all Cypriots who live overseas, and expressed his appreciation and admiration for the work carried out by Archbishop Thiatiron and Great Britain Gregorios.

Addressing the President, Gregorios fervently welcomed Papadopoulos and his entourage and expressed his deep appreciation for the Cypriot President's efforts towards reuniting Cyprus and solving the Cyprus problem in a way that will safeguard both communities’ rights.

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