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Cypriot Minister: All necessary measures taken for football match
2005-07-26 11:51:21

Nicosia, Jul 26 (CNA) -- Cyprus Justice and Public Order Minister Doros Theodorou has said all necessary security measures have been taken for tonight's football match between Greek Cypriot team Anorthosis and Turkish team Trabzonspor.

Theodorou noted that competent authorities consider these measures to be satisfying adding that what is important is the image Cyprus will send abroad.

''All the world will be watching us and I believe that the maturity of Cypriots and their moral will contribute to show the best image abroad. That is why all factors involved are cooperating,'' he added.

Theodorou said that there has been an overall cooperation between Anorthosis, the Cyprus Football Federation, other teams, whose fans are going to the football match, the hosted team and the UEFA representative and the measures which all these consider to be satisfying have been taken.

Asked if the Turkish team has reacted to the strict measures taken by the police for tonight's match, the Justice Minister wondered why the team should react since the measures are mainly taken for its protection.

''I guess they must be satisfied. I haven't spoken to them,'' he noted.

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