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Cyprus Central Bank calls competition for euro coins
2005-07-27 12:09:33

Nicosia, Jul 27 (CNA) -- The Cyprus Central Bank has called a competition for the selection of the national sides of euro circulation coins, which will be issued with the introduction of the euro in Cyprus.

A Central Bank press release said proposals for the three thematic designs should be submitted, each of which will constitute the national side of each group of denominations of euro coins, small denominations: 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, middle denominations: 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent and high denominations: €1, €2.

Three design themes have been chosen to reflect the special character of Cyprus in the sphere of culture, nature and the sea. The three design themes are: Culture: “Idle from Pomos” Nature: The “Mouflon” and Sea: The “Ship of Kyrenia”.

Each artist is expected to submit a proposal for each of the three themes. The selection will be made for all three thematic designs as a whole. Each artist may participate in the competition with more than one set of proposals.

A prize of CYP 5.000 (about 8.000 US dollars) will be awarded to the artist whose designs will be selected. The prize is awarded to natural persons only.

The selected designs will be communicated to the European Commission for comment.

Participations in the competition should be submitted by 14:30 pm on Friday, 14 October, 2005.

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