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Spokesman says Turkey must not contradict Protocol substance
2005-07-27 12:12:42

Nicosia, Jul 27 (CNA) - Turkey is obliged to sign the Protocol expanding the Ankara Agreement to cover the European Union's ten new member states, including the Republic of Cyprus, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said, stressing that any other action by Turkey apart from the signing should not contradict and retract the substance and the significance of the Protocol.

In comments to CNA about statements made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a meeting with his British counterpart and EU council President Tony Blair in London, Chrysostomides noted that what is essential right now is the clear signing of the Protocol ''with whatever that entails''.

In statements in London, Erdogan noted that Turkey would not recognise the Republic of Cyprus prior to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

''The signing of the protocol constitutes an obligation for Turkey towards the EU collectively,'' the Cypriot Spokesman added, stressing that ''every other Turkish action cannot contradict or retract the substance and the significance of the signing of the Protocol.''

Chrysostomides pointed out that ''it has been repeatedly said that the signing of the Protocol means the commencement of the normalisation procedure of the relations between Turkey and the EU member states and of course with the Republic of Cyprus, again with whatever that entails.''

''It is inconceivable for Turkey to insist on the non recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, while it desires to start accession negotiations with all EU member states collectively,'' Chrysostomides added, noting that it is also ''a paradox for Turkey to recognise the validity of the vote of a member state and at the same time not to recognise the same state.''

Furthermore, Chrysostomides said the Cypriot government would monitor and assess Turkish actions.

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