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Greece says Turkey insisting on political bizarreness
2005-08-01 16:48:12

by Christa Nicolaou

Athens, Jul 30 (CNA) - Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman George Koumoutsakos says in a written statement that by signing the additional protocol extending its customs union to the ten new EU member states, ''Turkey has fulfilled the obligation it undertook last December towards the EU and each member separately, including the Republic of Cyprus, with whatever that entails.''

He notes however that ''with the unilateral declaration, which it unfortunately considered it should make, Turkey appears to insist on maintaining a political and legal bizarreness, it insists on not recognising an EU member state, at a time indeed when the opening of negotiations aiming at its accession to the Union is expected.''

''This bizarreness must cease. The sooner the better. The signing of the protocol must constitute a substantial step towards normalising the relations of Turkey with the Republic of Cyprus,'' Koumoutsakos notes, adding that the Greek government is in constant contact and cooperation with the Cypriot government.

Concluding, Koumoutsakos says the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs is examining the Turkish declaration with the utmost caution and that the Greek position will be expressed in the context of the EU Permanent Representatives meeting to take place towards the end of August, which will discuss the matter and take decisions.

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