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Cyprus government not satisfied with EU Presidency's statement
2005-08-01 17:17:10

Nicosia, Aug 1 (CNA) --The Cypriot Government is not satisfied from the British Presidency's statement replying to the Turkish Declaration that Ankara is not recognizing the Republic of Cyprus, government Spokesman Kypros Chrystostomides has said here Monday.

Chrysostomides noted that Nicosia would have preferred that the Presidency's statement noted that the Turkish declaration has no legal validity as regards to the signing of the protocol and Turkey's obligation to implement it and that the signing of the protocol initiates a procedure to normalize Turkey's relations with all the EU members including Cyprus with all that this entails.

However, Chrysostomides said that the British Presidency's statement is transitional since it incorporates a provision that will be examined to ascertain whether the EU would like to give an additional reply to Turkey.

''The government of the Republic of Cyprus will raise issues which are related with the (Turkish) declaration in the coming EU discussions,'' Chrysostomides said, adding that ''the government and the President of the Republic will safeguard and defend the interests of the Republic.''

Replying to questions, Chrysostomides said that the Turkish declaration is inadmissible, adding that it completely contradicts international law, the UN Security Council resolutions on Cyprus, the acquis communautaire and the EU position on Cyprus, as the British Presidency expressed it.

''All these are a series of questions which should be discussed in the framework of the EU, at the Council of Ministers, where all the EU members are equal and all members are entitled to vote for or against a certain decision,'' Chrysostomides said, reiterating that the Cypriot government will thoroughly examine the Turkish declaration and will present its position to the Council.

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