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Embassy News

Progress on Missing Persons in Cyprus issue
2005-08-11 11:32:21

Nicosia, Aug 11 The Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP), has agreed to speed up efforts to set up an Anthropological Laboratory in the buffer zone for the purpose of identifying remains through the DNA process.

The CMP held its 410th formal meeting on Thursday and a statement issued said the committee considered a further progress report from the Inforce forensic archaeologist on emergency exhumations was considered.

It added that the preparation for the general programme for exhumations is underway and it is expected that implementation may commence in the autumn.

In addition, it said the question of the anthropological laboratory to be set up in the buffer zone was discussed, and it was agreed that ongoing efforts should be expedited with the object of getting the laboratory set up by Inforce well before the general programme of exhumations is put into operation.

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