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Helios Airways air crash - US State Department - Condolences
2005-08-16 09:12:07

Nicosia, Aug 15 (CNA) -- The US State Department has expressed its condolences to the families of the victims of Sunday's air crash, near Athens, that killed 121 people.

''The United States is shocked and saddened by the deaths of 121 people in the crash of Helios Air Flight 522. Our condolences and our thoughts and prayers go out to the the families of the victims'', US State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said in an opening statement during the daily briefing.

He added that ''the US stands ready to offer any assistance that Greece and Cyprus may seek, in the spirit of friendship and sympathy''.

Helios Airways flight HCY 522, heading to Prague via Athens, crashed Sunday at noon, near Athens, killing everybody on board.

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