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Autopsies continue in Helios Airways air crash
2005-08-16 11:13:21

Athens, Aug 16 (CNA) -- Autopsies carried out on 25 of those killed in Sunday's crash of an Helios airliner show that these people were alive, though not necessarily conscious, at the moment of the crash, a coroner said Tuesday.

The 25 are among the 45 bodies who are recognizable, after an Helios Boeing 737 crashed into a mountainside north of Athens, killing all 121 people on board.

Coroner Nicos Karakoukis told reporters that toxicological examination would determine whether those on board had inhaled toxic fumes.

Karakoukis said that ''the immediate cause of death is contusions, these people (the 25 bodies so far examined) were alive on impact'' and explained that a person can survive for only three minutes without oxygen.

Most of the victims were Cypriots, among them 22 children. There were some Greek nationals and a German, the captain of the flight.

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