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Cyprus Foreign Ministry welcomes Israeli withdrawal from Gaza
2005-08-19 14:27:07

Nicosia, Aug 19 (CNA) --The Republic of Cyprus welcomes the start of the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the West Bank.

In an official statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus said ''we look forward to a smooth and successful completion of the process of withdrawal'' and ''we consider this an important step in the direction of furthering the prospects of peace, security and stability in the region''.

''We commend Prime Minister Sharon for his courage in seeing through this disengagement under difficult domestic circumstances'' and ''at the same time, we are encouraged by President Abbas' determination for a successful outcome of this process and his overall commitment to the cause of peace and prosperity for his people'', the statement added.

The Ministry of Affairs noted that success of this process cannot be completed, however, without tangible results in the direction of improvement of the economic situation of the Palestinian population and the achievement of economic viability for the areas under Palestinian Authority.

''We also express the hope that the two sides will assume their responsibilities under the Road Map and move towards its further implementation'', the statement concludes.

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