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More bodies in Helios plane air tragedy to be flown home tonight
2005-08-22 12:28:50

Nicosia, Aug 22 (CNA) The bodies of 27 victims of the Helios plane air crash on 14th August that were identified through the DNA process will be flown home tonight for burial from Athens on a C-130 provided by the Greek Air Force.

Most of the 121 victims of the fatal crash were Cypriots, among them 22 children. There were some Greek nationals and a German, the captain of the flight. On 16th August 23 bodies were flown home and most of them were buried. Some relatives opted to wait until all the bodies of their loved ones are identified and returned to Cyprus for burial.

Health Minister Andreas Gavrielides told CNA that the bodies will be transferred to a specially arranged area and relatives will be able to collect them as of tomorrow.

He also said Police has already informed the relatives of the 27 dead.

The Helios Airways Boeing 737 crashed into mountains near Athens, killing all 115 passengers and six crew on a flight from Larnaca to Prague with a stop in the Greek capital.

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