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Cyprus President asks EU experts to thoroughly investigate air crash
2005-08-24 17:03:34

Nicosia, Aug 24 – President Papadopoulos has called on two European Union experts, who arrived in Cyprus for contacts with the authorities, to apply all their knowledge, expertise and professionalism in order to investigate fully the Helios plane crash, near Athens, ten days ago that resulted in the death of all 121 people on board.

The statement was made by Communications and Works Minister, Haris Thrasou, after Jean-Paul Henrotte, expert of the Directorate General Energy and Transport of the European Commission and Francois Janvier of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) were received by the President.

Mr. Thrasou also said that the President thanked the experts for accepting the government’s invitation to come to Cyprus and “asked them to use their knowledge, experience and professionalism to carry out an in-depth investigation and ascertain if there are any responsibilities so that these can be attributed, irrespective of the rank of any person or any government department or organisation that might be involved”.

The experts will remain in Cyprus for two days and return to Brussels to evaluate their findings.

Asked if the findings would be legally binding or mere recommendations to the government, the Minister said although their conclusions would be recommendations, the authorities can evaluate the report and if there are any criminal responsibilities, then they can act on them.

He added that he was not aware of a meeting with Helios airline officials, adding that the experts would decide on their agenda.

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