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A Cyprus coin is 'finest in the world'
2005-08-14 15:44:30

Nicosia, Aug 11 - A coin titled "Triton" designed by Cyprus-born Klara Zacharaki Georgiou, has won a prestigious international award from Vicenza Numismatica of Vicenza, Italy, and was given the title "finest coin in the world," according to "The Cyprus Weekly".

The winning silver coin was minted in the Polish mint and was part of a series issued in 2004 by the Central Bank of Cyprus marking the island's accession to the EU. It remains in circulation today.

Triton is the son of Poseidon - God of the Sea in Greek mythology - and the sea nymph Amphitryte. He is depicted blowing his conch shell while holding Cyprus up on the eve of its accession to the EU.

Vicenza Numismatica is a prestigious European organization that holds exhibitions of coins and is considered the most important European event in numismatics. It also meets the needs of scholars, dealers, and collectors.

Vicenza Numismatica awards the international prizes Vicenza Numismatica and Vicenza Palladio to the finest coins in the world and rewards artists that have distinguished themselves.

Klara, a painter and stage designer of long standing, became interested in commemorative coin design in 1981 when the Cyprus Central Bank invited artists to compete for Cyprus coin designs.

She won this competition for the Cyprus coin series in 1983 replacing the series of pounds shillings and cents series of coins.

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