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Cyprus House President leaves for New York
2005-09-06 13:02:44

Larnaca, Sept 05 (CNA) -- House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias has said Cyprus expects from COREPER during its meeting on Wednesday in Brussels to give a ''sound counterstatement'' to Turkey's unilateral statement of not recognizing the Cyprus Republic, ''that will also express our own will and our own interests.''

Speaking at Larnaca airport prior to his departure to New York to attend the 2nd World Conference of Speakers of Parliament hosted by Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) under the United Nations, he expressed the belief that with the current situation it is possible to have such a counterstatement.

He said ''we are giving a struggle for the implementation of the Protocol by Turkey which means for her to accept Cyprus ships and airplanes to its port and airports, with the repercussions this has as regards the recognition of the Republic of Cyprus.''

As regards threats by Turkish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister that Turkey might abandon its EU efforts if additional conditions are placed on her, Christofias said ''their threats are not something new”.

Christofias reminded that “threats by Turkey before December 17 are still fresh”, noting they "yielded results then because some people wanted to make easier the Council's decision.''

''I wish and hope that interests and expediencies will not prevail and the EU will support the principles which it declares as being its foundation,'' he said.

Christofias also said the 2nd World Conference of Speakers of Parliament will examine the role of parliament in enhancing the UN and the organisation’s role and will discuss issues troubling humanity such as poverty and the environment.

During the Conference, Christofias said he will have the opportunity to “meet with Presidents of parliaments from several countries.''

Christofias will be the main speaker at gathering organized in New York by Greek Cypriots living there.

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