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US appreciates Cypriot support in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
2005-09-08 13:47:05

Nicosia, Sep 8 – The US has expressed appreciation for the government of Cyprus’ pledge of humanitarian assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

A press release of the US embassy in Nicosia said that in addition “many individual Cypriots have found ways to express their sympathy and support for those in need. Some have donated money to the Red Cross or other aid agencies, others have written to us or signed the condolence book at the embassy”.

Acting President of the Republic Dr. Vassos Lyssarides signed the book of condolences today at the American embassy.

''Hurricane Katrina delivered a devastating blow to America’s Gulf Coast” and in those states hardest hit -- Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama -- thousands of people have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands have been made homeless,'' the press release also said, and added:

“American people are touched and deeply grateful for the generous offers of help” received from governments, individuals and private organizations around the world, the US embassy said “we greatly appreciate the $50,000 contribution that the government of Cyprus has pledged to assist the victims of Katrina”.

The embassy also said that “the world’s generous outpouring provides both practical help and moral support, which mean a great deal to the victims of this terrible natural disaster and to all Americans”.

“We were especially moved by offers of help from those nations still recovering from their own catastrophe, last year’s tsunami: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Maldives”, it added.

“The scale and scope of the task before us is daunting, but we have no doubt that we will succeed. The damage will be repaired, homes rebuilt, and the city of New Orleans restored to its former glory”, the embassy stressed.

The embassy in Nicosia also encouraged those Cypriots wishing to make a donation to aid the relief and recovery efforts to channel their contributions through the American Red Cross.

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