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Commerce Minister: We allow Turkish goods, Turkey should do the same
2005-09-12 17:56:41

Nicosia, Sep 12 (CNA) --- Turkish products are being imported to Cyprus via third countries for many years now, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism George Lillikas said today, invited to comment on Turkish Cypriot press informations, that trade transactions between Cyprus and Turkey have reached the amount of three million Cyprus pounds in the first five months of 2005.

''For many years now Turkish products have been coming to Cyprus mainly via third countries as well as via Greece. This is nothing new'', Lillikas said, stressing that Turkey should lift its embargoes against Cypriot goods, ships and airplanes and thus fully implement the Customs Union Protocol it has already signed.

'' We will insist, on our part, on the full implementation of the Customs Union Protocol that Turkey has signed. This would mean that Cypriots would also be able to export directly their goods to the Turkish market. We insist that the Cypriot ships should be able to reach Turkish ports, and Cypriot airplanes to land to Turkish airports'', he said.

He added that the Republic of Cyprus, has never raised an issue for a non recognition of Turkey, whereas Turkey still refuses to recognise Cyprus.

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