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Cyprus not satisfied with new EU draft counterstatement
2005-09-13 17:36:54

Nicosia, Sep 13 (CNA) -- Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said the government is not satisfied with the reference to later stages of issues that have an immediate effect, commenting on information that the EU British Presidency and France have agreed to a draft EU counterstatement responding to Ankara's declaration of not recognising the Republic of Cyprus, which referred the recognition of all EU member states to the time before Turkey's accession.

Responding to questions in view of COREPER's meeting on Wednesday, Chrysostomides said that Nicosia does not yet have at its disposal the draft counterstatement and criticised the British Presidency because it did not include into the deliberations a member state which is directly interested in the content of the counterstatement.

He also said that the government links the counterstatement issue with Turkey's negotiating framework and evaluated that France's positions as regards Cyprus' positions has not changed ''despite the fact that there is an agreement, an understanding between France and the British Presidency.''

Asked if the French conditions satisfy the positions of Cyprus, Chrysostomides said that the French conditions are conditions that the French government put on the table concerning its desires about the content of the counterstatement and reiterated that they do not comprise the full text of the counterstatement.

''We await to see in what way the final draft will be presented, so that the Cyprus government expresses its views,'' he added.

As regards the stance of the British Presidency, which discussed with other member states and not with the Cyprus government, Chrysostomides said that this is not something anticipated in the framework of an organisation of 25 equal states.

He expressed hope that there will be a unanimous decision of all EU member states.

Asked what would happen if there was no unanimity, Chrysostomides said that there will be no counterstatement and explained that then Turkey's negotiating framework will have to be discussed, noting that unanimity is also required in this case.

Asked if Nicosia links the two issues together, he said ''all are linked with each other.''

Chrysostomides also noted that the EU Presidency has the obligation to take into consideration the views of all member states, or at least those who expressed their views during the Newport General Affairs Council.

He added that some manoeuvres of the Presidency do not meet its obligation for objectivity.

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