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Cyprus President and UNSG discuss Cyprus question
2005-09-19 11:39:21

by Maria Myles

United Nations, Sep 17 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has described as ''very warm and constructive'' a meeting here with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, during which the question of Cyprus was raised along with other issues.

Papadopoulos, speaking to the press after the 20 minute long meeting, said the SG repeated that the latest visit to Cyprus of Sir Kieran Prendergast was not a one off mission and said that efforts on Cyprus would continue.

With regard to the absence of an agreement in Brussels on a counter-statement to Turkey's unilateral declaration that it does not recognise Cyprus, Papadopoulos said the sooner an agreement is reached on the EU statement, the better for everybody.

On the position of Turkish premier about a solution of two states in Cyprus, Papadopoulos said this was no solution and an unacceptable position.

''We had what I would call a very warm and constructive meeting, we raised the question of Cyprus in general terms, the SG's mission on an initiative on his part, the good offices mission of the SG, the need to resume efforts to prepare a new effort well and we also talked about the issue of missing persons and matters relating to UNFICYP,'' Papadopoulos told journalists after the meeting with Annan.

Asked if the appointment of a new special envoy on Cyprus was on the agenda of the meeting, he said it was and added ''this is very high on the thoughts of the SG, who will decide when and whom he appoints when the time is ripe.''

''The SG himself raised the issue and said he would look into the matter further. Annan also said that Prendergast's visit to Cyprus was not an isolated mission but his effort will be continuous and when he believes the circumstances are appropriate, he will intensify these efforts,'' he epxlained.

Responding to questions, he said it has not been decided yet whether there will be somebody (a special envoy) on a permanent basis in Cyprus or somebody who will undertake missions similar to that of Prendergast.

''Annan reiterated that that mission was not a one off mission,'' he said.

On developments in Brussels, he said Cyprus insists that those points it considers necessary are included in the EU counter-statement.

''There has been significant progress since the first draft of the statement was circulated but as things stand I do not think we are satisfied. All members must agree for a statement to be issued and we want that statement to be as clear and as constructive as possible,'' he stressed, noting that the Turkish declaration included ''unacceptable not to say provocative points.''

Papadopoulos said the EU wants to issue a statement and a number of countries have backed the views Cyprus had expressed.

''The sooner this counter statement is issued, the better for everybody as this would allow discussion on Turkey's negotiating framework to start, a position shared by other EU countries,'' he said.

Responding to questions, he said the question of Cyprus remains under UN auspices but EU ''increased and more effective involvement'' in the effort for a solution is desired.

On the Turkish premier's stance on a solution in Cyprus, Papadopoulos said that ''Erdogan simply confirmed what we have been saying right from the start, that we seek a solution that would reunite Cyprus into one state and the Turkish objective, meaning Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots, is to create two separate entities or states linked at the helm for limited purposes.''

''This is no solution, this is an unacceptable solution,'' he stressed.

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