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Cyprus representations for destruction of archaeological site in occupied areas
2005-09-20 15:45:38

Nicosia, Sep 20 (CNA) - Cyprus Antiquities Department has made, via Cyprus Foreign Ministry, representations to international organisations for the protection of monuments and for the destruction of an archaeological site at the north-eastern Apostolos Andreas cape, which the Turkish occupation army flattened in order to pave a road and erect two flag masts for the flags of Turkey and the pseudostate.

Invited to comment reports in the Turkish Cypriot newspaper ''Africa'', Director of the Antiquities Department Pavlos Flourentzos told CNA that representations were made a long time before the reports.

He said representations were addressed mainly to UNESCO and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), noting that ''it is their responsibility now to take action.''

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